The Dungeon Near the Shadow

  • The Dungeon Near the Shadow

The persistent suborbital occlusion sits writhing in the west. It dropped from the heavens, some say, or maybe it bubbled out of the ground or burst out of the space between air, three years past. Some call it the Shadow for how it negates the light, drowning everything it covers in opaque darkness. The sun no longer sets in the west: it disappears into the Shadow, and each evening you can hear prayers at every hearth that it returns unchanged the next day. Most things that enter the Shadow do not return, and if they do, they are seldom unchanged.

All who have Changed carry the seed of the Shadow. In untarnished soil, it burrows, it nestles, and it awaits a signal to be born.

A6-size adventure for use with the Bastards. system. 24 pages, B&W throughout.